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Company Profile

William Neely President-CEO, classic car and motorcycle enthusiast driven by passion, innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, introduces us into his latest venture, designer fragrance and skin care products. His subtle elegant style and attention to detail blend seamlessly throughout his signature fragrance collection.

That fragrance collection is now available from William Neely Cosmetics. "WILL" is a fragrance and skin care line consisting of an Eau De Toilette, After Shave Splash, Body Moisturizer and After Shave balm. The fragrance is a subtle, yet long lasting blend of citrus, floral and woody notes. Environmentally friendly and for those with sensitive skin, the product is made with purified deionized water containing no irritating salts or minerals. It is elegantly dispensed from a strong shouldered cut crystal bottle specifically designed for the masculine hand. The natural spray Eau De Toilette has excellent top, middle and bottom notes, a rich sophisticated mix of exotic woods, combined with tones of amber, jasmine, lavender, mandarin and musk. The after shave balm and body moisturizer designed specifically by William are a rich blend of nutrients including vitamins A, E and Aloe that help moisturize and absorb quickly, without a greasy feel. William enjoys the creation process and works closely with his fragrance group, his design team and specialists, assuring the finest quality products. "There has always been something mysterious and romantic about fragrances. It is truly an adventure to be involved in such a process that combines intricacy along with artistic freedom to create. The finished product is quite unique, a bit mysterious, elegant and a pleasure to share with everyone."

William Neely Cosmetics is a company built on the timeless and enduring values of honesty and integrity. We believe in the beauty of the human spirit. We value excellence, quality and attention to detail. Our philosophy is quite simple, to produce quality products that last and endure. Classic design, simple elegance and good taste go hand in hand, like a beautiful vintage car, and we believe that's something for everyone to enjoy.

Simply put, we want you to enjoy our products. Give us a try, we think you'll find we're not only willing to fulfill your fragrance needs quickly and easily with exceptional quality and service, but we believe we just might surprise and excite you.